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About Vishal Parihar Sir

Vishal Parihar is a name among millions of youth…….. He is a wonderful teacher, guide, leader, friend and a youth icon for millions of students. He is everything one could look for in a good mentor…Youth really appreciate him for being their manager and mentor. He helped shape their career and professional life and showed them how to transform their mistakes into skills. He has consistently maintained strong business ethics while keeping a smile on his face and those of the people around him.

Mr. Parihar was awarded the best faculty award in Utsav 2017.
Day by day he is winning the hearts of millions of youths……

Mr. Parihar ‘a famous personality’…has a simple and sweet lifestyle and has a good habit of rising at 4 am. His few possessions are his books and GUITAR. He always believes that “teachers should be the best minds in the country.” He has a great quality to read the student’s thoughts & mind. The big challenge for a teacher is not simply getting students to read something– it’s getting them to enjoy it too, and the way he explains the newspaper is just amazing. Students watch THE EDITORIAL TODAY by Vishal sir with great enthusiasm. He is not only a teacher but also a motivator who always drives his students to walk on the right path.

In short, He is a great human being and a superb personality. Any combination of 26 letters can-not describes him and his efforts………….

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Daily Vocabs and Descriptive Questions by Vishal Sir

Descriptive Questions

  1. Related to E-Cigarettes ban by Government.

Daily Vocabs

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